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Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre:

During the development project there may be changes to the location of where our Clubs are meeting. Please contact the Leisure Centre or the Club directly for more information.


Ballet - Wingfield School of Ballet, Website, Email: Pamela Wingfield 

Checkmat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bristol - Email:

Cricket Tots - Email:

Dance - Dance School Musical, Email: Alysia Schofield

Fencing - Academy of Historical Fencing, Website   

Gymnastics - Bradley Stoke Gym Club, Email: Chris Wilcox   

Gymnastics - Fromeside Gym Club, Website   
Gymnastics - King Edmund Acrogymnastics, Website, Email: Mark Thorne
Judo Club - Bradley Stoke Judo Club, Website, Click here to email us

Neptune Finsimming Club - Email:

Orange Badminton Club - Email: Ryan Underwood

Pickleball Club - Contact Alan Nixon: 01454 776502 Email:

Rainbow May Dance School - Email:

Special Needs Judo - Bradley Stoke Judo Club, Website, Click here to email us
Kung Fu - Kamon Wing Chun Kung Fu, Website
Rugby - Rugby Tots, Website, Email: Emma Bown
Salsa - Abanico Salsa, Website, Email: Lee Swift
Swimming - Southwold Swimming Club, Website
Taekwondo - Taekwondo, Website, Email: Russ Martin
Weight Watchers - visit Weight Watchers Website


Kingswood Leisure Centre:

Canoe Polo - Avon Canoe Polo Club, Website, Email
Scuba - Aquaventure Scuba Club, Website            
Scuba - Bristol Scuba Club, Website, Email: Mike Lewis

Swimming - Aquarians Swimming Club
Swimming - Dolphin Swimming Club
Swimming - Soundwell Swimming Club, Website, Email:



Thornbury Leisure Centre:


Gymnastics - Kestrel Acrobatics, Email: Lyn Price
Kickboxing - Wu Shu Kwan, Email: Andy Gregory
Squash - Thornbury Squash Racquets Club, Website, Email: Peter Bowen
Squash- Thornbury Junior Squash Club, Email: Tim Miller

Swimming - Severnside Tritons Swimming Club, Website

Trampolining - Thornbury Trampoline Club, Website, Email: Chris Chopping

Yate Leisure Centre:

Aikido - Shin Cho Aikido Club, Website        
Badminton - Chipping Sodbury Badminton Club   
Badminton - Meadow Badminton Club          
Badminton - The Geeks Badminton         
Badminton - U3A Badminton, Website          
Badminton - Christ The Rock Badminton Club
Canoeing - North Avon Canoe Club, Website
Dance - Burstow School of Dancing, Website, Email: Mrs Wanda Morris  
Dance - Dance School Musical, Website          
Dance - Street Dance                  
Gymnastics - Acrogymnastics, Email: Mark Thorne   
Judo - Yate Star Judo, Email: Mike Guatieri
Karate - Bristol Wado-Ryu Karate, Website, Email: George Grimes
Kickboxing - Bristol Lion Hearts Kickboxing Academy, Email: Jon Challoner

Ninjutsu - Bujinkan Kagami Dojo, website: Email:

Kumon - Kumon Maths & English, Website, Tel: Ann Pinnock 01454 775858

Razzamatz - Razzamataz, Website, Email: Jodie Horton-Stanley
Slimming - Slimming World, Website, Tel: Sue Page 01454 317931
Slimming- Weight Watchers, Website
Social - South Gloucestershire Council Choices 4 U, Website       
Social - Frenchay Stroke Support Group, Website  
Squash - MEB Squash Club      
Squash - Saturday Squash Balls, Contact: Stephen Hicks
Squash - Squash, Contact: Mark Toogood
Squash - Tuesday Squash Club, Contact: James Anstey
Squash - Thursday Squash, Contact: Neil Ward
Squash - Yate Squash Club, Website          
Squash - Yate Junior Squash Club, Website          
Swimming - Southwold Swimming Club, Website
Table Tennis - U3A Table Tennis, Website              
Taekwon-do - Yate Taekwon-Do, Website, Email: Mr Ray Gayle
Taekwon-do - North Bristol Puma Taekwon-Do, Website, Email: Richard Thornton
Trampolining - Cosmos Trampoline Club, Website, Email: Christine Lote

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