The key to a healthy, balanced active lifestyle is to find activities you enjoy which incorporate a variety of exercises; this type of programme is known as cross-training. 

The best cross-training programs should work to improve the heart and lungs, build strength, improve flexibility and improve balance and posture; regular exercise also has added mental benefits including boosting self-confidence.

Our assorted fitness classes are motivational and social; our gyms are full of exercise experts with leading industry equipment; and our pools run a variety of swimming sessions to suit the novice swimmer through to advance.

Active Centres offers a wide variety of exercise programmes to keep you motivated and to help you get the results you want.

If you are new to exercise and would like to talk to someone to gain further insight into what we can do for you, why not telephone us or pop in for a relaxed chat.  Our friendly Customer Service team are always on hand and can also take you on a tour of our facilities. Contact us or call 0300 333 0300.

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